Art Therapy

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Marilyn Nuske holds qualifications from La Trobe University Bundoora, and practices as an ART PSYCHOTHERAPIST 

She offers sessions for women who have been through or are presently going through the family law process. As a family lawyer she understands the process and through Art Therapy sessions can guide and encourage through the art making process, devising means to help build confidence where needed.

Sometimes women need support to re-discover their independence after going through a family change or those who have been exposed to an acrimonious separation that involved family violence or abuse.

Marilyn encourages Art as Therapy for children from families going through the family law process. Children quickly embrace the art-making process and sometimes find it  easier  to tell their story using art. In this way we can find out more about what is really happening for  children in the family structure. Marilyn is happy to work with Psychologists.

Sessions for professionals working in the legal industry to help  explore and manage ways to work with clients are also available. Please contact 0400 784 754 to talk about your situation or visit the  above website  for more  information.