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Marilyn NuskeBA, LLB, Grad Dip LP, Grad Dip AT
Principal Solicitor and Family Law Consultant

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Consultations with Ocean Legal

Ocean Legal offers Legal advice and services in the following areas:

  • Legal advice for married, de facto and same sex couples;
  • Divorce Applications;
  • Negotiations for Children, residence and visitation issues, Court Orders for Children;
  • Intervention Order Applications and advice;
  • Property negotiations and Court Orders;
  • Court representation for both children and property matters;
  • Financial Agreements at the beginning, during and at the end of a relationship for married, defacto and same sex couples;
  • Will preparation and advice, testamentary trust Wills, Enduring financial and medical powers of attorney;
  • Conveyancing on sale and purchase of residential real estate, auction contracts and section 32 preparation and settlements.

About Principal Marilyn Nuske
Principal of Ocean Legal and Castlemaine Lawyers, Marilyn Nuske has in excess of 30 plus years working in the Law.

Marilyn feels particularly passionate about the practice of Family Law and achieving the best possible results for clients. She is willing to go that 'extra mile' to help clients achieve their goals. She is mindful of childrens' issue and the needs of younger children, the close bond between the child and primary carer, and the necessity for children to maintain a meaningful and ongoing relationship with both parents whenever possible.

She tends to adopt a more collaborative approach to property negotiations, obtaining property settlements which have the net result of retaining more of the asset pool for both parties, avoiding the distress and costs of protracted litigation and going to Court. However, she is also willing to go that bit extra where there is a need.

She also offers her excellent experience in the area of Wills Preparation including Testamentary Trust Wills, Enduring Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney, Conveyancing on sale and purchase of real estate, auction contracts and preparation of section 32 Vendors Statements.

Marilyn holds a Bachelor of Laws from Monash University Clayton Victoria, Graduate Diploma from College of Law. She is the Principal of Ocean Legal and Castlemaine Lawyers.

She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from RMIT University in Melbourne. She is a practicing Artist. Qualifications from La Trobe University in the area of Art Psychotherapy. She is completing a Master of Art Therapy in 2015. She is hoping to develop a program for children for implementation in the Family Court System.

Art Therapy for Women

Marilyn is the Legal Advisor to
Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc.

Australian Story Dogs of War
This programme is about wildlife photographer Jennifer Parkhurst, whose passion for dingoes set her at odds with Fraser Island park rangers. Marilyn represented Jennifer at Trial.

Boat dwellers ordered out!
Kathy McLeish reports a community who live on their boats on the Sunshine Coast say they don't have anywhere else to go. Marilyn represented the boat dwellers, subsequently they were able to stay by negotiation with the Marina and Queensland State Government.