OCEAN LEGAL  is a boutique style  Law Practice.

We practice in CONVEYANCING registered with

PEXA for e-conveyancing  

We offer a fixed fee professional service to reduce the stress

and inconvenience of property transfer and moving home.


We also practice in Wills and Estates and Family Law.

In Family Law matters, Principal Solicitor Marilyn Nuske prefers to adopt a collaborative approach.

In parenting matters Marilyn encourages parties to reach agreement in the absence of resorting to litigation,  and that reflect what is in the best interests of the children at all times. 

Endeavoring to obtain financial settlements that have the net result of retaining more of the asset pool for both parties is encouraged, as is avoiding the distress and cost of protracted litigation. She will however, go that extra mile and has a history of supporting women in particular need, and those who have been financially disabled

Marilyn maintains a professional  compassionate relationship with her clients without compromising a professional relationship. Helping clients to feel more comfortable during what can be  a very difficult and challenging experience.

 Telephone: +61 03  0400 784 754

“Liability limited by a scheme approved under

Professional Standards Legislation”